4 Tips to Make Sure Your Skin is Picture Perfect on Your Wedding Day

So you want to look great in time for your upcoming wedding vows. Everybody knows to work out, bleach their teeth and get a pedicure, but so many people overlook the one thing that is probably the easiest and can have a bigger impact than all those other changes – take care of your skin! Your skin is your biggest organ, and keeping it healthy will keep you healthy long after your marriage ceremonies.

Feel and look great at your wedding – take care of your skin!

Coconut Oil: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Beauty

As discussed in the article “4 Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits for Dry Skin,” coconut oil is like a cold drink of water for your thirsty skin. Coconut oil is trendy now, but it never went out of vogue for the many cultures that recognized in ancient times that it is amazing for not just your skin, but your hair, nails and overall health. It contains ingredients that can only be found in nature and has been a medicine, beauty product and superfood for countless cultures since the beginning of recorded history – and you learned about it just in time for your marriage ceremonies.

Get a Humidifier

Run a humidifier at night. You literally don’t have lift a finger for it to work. Although some people don’t like the extra moisture, a humidifier can have long-lasting, lubricating effects on dry, flaky or itchy skin. Moisture can promote growth of new cells, and – as an added benefit – a humidifier can help you breathe better while you sleep.

Unscented Baby Powder

One of the greatest ways to alleviate irritation, redness and chafing anywhere that skin meets skin is with baby powder. The key is to get old-school, no frills, unscented baby powder that doesn’t contain any additives.

A skin condition called intertrigo is common if moisture accumulates between the thighs, under the arms or anywhere where skin rubs against other skin. This is the result of bacteria growth – but baby powder can prevent that and keep your skin feeling and looking fresh for the day of your wedding vows.

Sage, Peppermint and Witch Hazel

Create a mixture of sage, peppermint and witch hazel. Sage helps to control the buildup of oil, witch hazel helps restore your skin’s protective outer layer and peppermint tingles, cools and feels all-around great on neglected skin. The formula is: four ounces of witch hazel combined with one teaspoon each of peppermint and sage. Allow the mixture to steep for two or three days, and then apply to skin and leave it on.

Your wedding is almost here – make sure your skin is marriage material.

Your wedding is just around the corner – you want to look and feel great. All the exercising and dieting in the world is for naught if your skin doesn’t look and feel great. You don’t need to spend a lot – you can find most of what you need right in the grocery store for just a few bucks. The trick is be consistent and perform your maintenance routine regularly.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer who covers weddings and event planning.