Why Not Rent Your Bridesmaid Dress?

Let’s be honest, women don’t ever wear bridesmaids dresses again. With the new mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses trend catching on, the days of spending hundreds on a dress they’ll never wear again may soon be over thanks to Kookopa, a rent-and-lend fashion community that offers exactly what they need for their best friend’s big day. Bridesmaids can now cheer up and look forward to the wedding festivities without worrying about the finances while being comfortable and stylish. 


Whether you have a dress you would like to rent, or are looking for one to borrow, Kookopa makes for a seamless online and offline shopping experience. Their newly launched website is filled with chic, fun dresses in a variety of colors, fabrics and silhouettes that cater to every bride’s vision. The peer-to-peer RENT AND LEND platform offers women new looks from designers like Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Herve Leger, Vera Wang and many more at a nominal cost.

The goal is to offer women new looks from their favorite designers every month. “A woman wants to look good every day and wants something new and special to wear throughout the year. Whether at work, an interview or on a date, dressing the part is important to a woman’s professional and personal life,” said Kookopa co-founders Claire Allison and Seema Gohil. “By renting quality pieces instead of buying, a woman can constantly refresh her look without breaking the bank.”


The new service lets subscribers rent three designer pieces per month with a combined value of over $1,500 for just $175 – less than the cost of one dress from an upscale casual retailer. Every month, women select three pieces – from thousands of available options – that are delivered to their doorstep. At the end of the month, members simply ship the items back in a pre-paid envelope provided. Any items that don’t fit can be returned and an extra piece is added to their next month’s subscription. Included in the service, Kookopa handles dry cleaning, insurance, payments and shipping on every item at no extra cost.

“We wanted to make the online and offline experiences seamless,” explained Allison and Gohil. “Kookopa’s subscription service is a sensible approach for fashion-savvy women to update their wardrobe and look. It’s quick, easy, stylish and fun.” The new service is a natural progression for Kookopa. With customers constantly in search of affordable ways to access unique designer fashion for events, it is a logical extension to offer them the same service for everyday wear.

Kookopa (www.kookopa.com), the peer-to-peer platform that gives users access to each other’s designer fashions, announced the launch of its exclusive subscription service to help women refresh their closet every month with high-end brands at a nominal cost.