Planning a Pre-Wedding Party

As your wedding day draws near, you and the love of your life are probably thinking of organizing a pre-wedding party to help you relax and deal with the tension that lies heavy in the air. The following smart tips are meant to guide you on how to plan an entertaining pre-wedding party:


1. Create a Guest List

Since a pre-wedding party is supposed to be an intimate affair, it only needs the attendance of a few of your closest relatives and friends. This means that your pre-wedding guest list doesn’t need to be long like your wedding guest list.

2. Venue

After coming up with your list of chosen guests, it is time to choose a suitable location for the party. Depending on your budget and the quality of service you require, the party can be thrown at a park, a winery or at your home.

3. Decide on a Theme

A good theme should incorporate the ideas of both the groom and bride. If you love poker excursions, a casino night theme can be a great idea. If you enjoy traveling, you can try a Hawaiian luau theme. You can also look for more creative ideas on the Internet. Whatever the theme, make sure you develop it to make it more fun and interesting to all your guests.

4. Choose a Date

The best time to hold a pre-wedding party is one or two months before the big day. Invitations should be sent not later than four to five weeks prior to the party to give your guests enough time to prepare adequately. This is particularly useful to guests who are staying far away. One of the best ways to send your invitations is through email. Apart from being fast, emails are also cheap and come in a variety of interesting designs. Your invitations should include the name of the bride and groom, the location of the party, the date of the event and the theme.

5. Decoration

Make sure that the decoration you choose blends well with the theme of the party. To make things easier, hire the services of a local events decorator to do the work for you.

6. Plan Activities

Although they are not very important, pre-wedding activities should be incorporated to keep guests active during the event. You can organize engaging activities such as poker games, pintball and video game tournaments.


7. Music

The right music livens up the atmosphere and gets everyone more excited. Based on your theme, choose appropriate music that can be appreciated and enjoyed by people of all ages. You can enlist the help of an experienced DJ to give your guests the right tunes of music whenever they need to dance or relax.

8. Plan the Menu

No pre-wedding party is complete without a collection of drinks and mouth-watering dishes. Opt for yummy starters accompanied with selective dishes for the main course. Make sure you cater for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.