ABURY Lovebirds Wedding Clutch

The latest design from the ABURY Collection, the “ABURY Lovebirds Wedding Clutch” handmade in Morocco and designed by Daniela Francescini and Mayta Lara Leal. The beautiful new clutch is ABURY’s newest item to the collection.

ABURY prides itself on designing luxury bags in Morocco while at the same time supporting craft communities through sustainable income and education. At the forefront of the global economy of fashion, ABURY fosters the production of handmade luxury bags in Berber communities across North Africa, west of the Nile Valley, allowing craftsmen to earn their sustenance practicing their heritage. Time spent in accessoryproduction is returned to the community in the form of education for women and children via the ABURY Foundation. For more information about the foundation, visit  http://www.abury.org/en/

Abury Wedding Clutch 3 (1)

Hand-embroidered in Morocco, the ABURY Lovebirds Wedding Clutch tops any bridal shower and wedding day with tradition, eco-elegance and romantic old world storytelling. The clutch shines with two lovebirds atop an intertwining flower chain, eyes locked. The winged creatures sit upon a four-leaved clover, representing the fortune that will guard their shared future. Between them lies a crowned heart: “Love is king and queen!”

This handmade bag can be ordered monogrammed with the bride’s initials, making a cultural gem also a personal heirloom.

  • 100% Handmade in Morocco | 25 cm x 15 cm | Goat leather (natural byproduct) | White cactus embroidery
  • 20 hours of production on each bag = ABURY will provide 20 hours of education to women and children in Berber craft communities
  •  It can be ordered monogrammed with the bride’s initials.
  • The bags are available on ABURY.NET and start at $240.00 USD.
  • Perfect for bridal showers, engagements, and even for mothers of the bride. Something old, something new, a cultural gem that can become a personal heirloom.
For more information about ABURY, please visit WWW.ABURY.COM.