Planning an Exotic Honeymoon

When planning for your honeymoon you want something memorable that neither of you have experienced before. Maybe you are thinking of an exotic beach destination, an exquisite cultural delight, or a luxury African safari honeymoon. Let’s have a look at some of the more exotic places around the world that could become your honeymoon dream destination.


What is more romantic than taking your significant other to see the end of the world so to speak? The glaciers are extremely close, but more exciting are the cruises available that go even closer to allow you to see the penguins and the ice itself up close. This is hands down an all in adventure type of a honeymoon, so be ready to hike, bike ride or ride horseback as you enjoy the panoramic views of the snowy peaks and waterfalls. No matter how you spend your time in this remote wilderness, you will never forget your time here.

Nothing is more exciting than taking a safari through the savannah with the person you love. You can even enjoy a private luxury African safari honeymoon experience if you upgrade. Romance is still a possibility with the option of private honeymoon tents and candlelight dinners in the African bush. A sight you will never forget is seeing millions of animals during the migration of the wildebeest in the Masai Mara.

A perfect tropical paradise if you are looking for a beach destination. Their white sandy beaches and iridescent turquoise waters are known as some of the most beautiful in the world. The more secluded tropical islands may be the perfect hideaway, with hidden coves and romantic settings that give you peace and privacy.
IndiaImagine taking a jeep safari through the jungle or riding on the back of an elephant to explore the ancient wonders of India. Majestic temples and monuments await you as you explore the vast Indian history and cultural heritage. You can even take a week long journey in a palace that travels by rail through Rajasthan.

Egypt is a place to enjoy your honeymoon that is not often considered, but imagine riding on camel back to explore the pyramids of ancient civilizations. Exploring the cultures of a group of people and maybe even enjoying a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful architecture. Don’t forget to take a dip in the Red Sea, as it is said to be one of the most amazing diving locations in the world and a highlight that would make your honeymoon truly special.

Bora Bora
This island is often considered to be the most romantic place in the world, so why not make it your honeymoon destination? Palm trees encircle the majestic emerald lagoon that lets way to soft, sandy white beaches. Whether you want to explore the panoramic vistas or the coral gardens the scenery is always breathtaking. A truly remarkable experience is a visit to the Lagoonarium. A once in a life time opportunity to swim with tropical fish and sharks in an open aquarium-like lagoon. You will even have the chance to experience an afternoon feeding session.

There are a myriad of locations to choose from when planning your unforgettable honeymoon. What is the perfect destination to get to know your new bride or groom?