4 Pointers for Having a Halloween-Themed Wedding

Fall has always been one of the most popular seasons for people to take their wedding vows – and for good reason. The weather is cool and crisp, the leaves are beautiful and there are deals to be had. But some of our most cherished holidays are in the fall – and marriage ceremonies can reflect a holiday theme while still keeping it classy and elegant… And if you’re going to go for a fall holiday, it may as well be Halloween.

A Halloween theme is bold, and can make for an unforgettable wedding.

Pick Your Style

There is no one right way to do a Halloween wedding. Most, of course, will incorporate some variation of black and orange. But more important than color is the choice between the many available sub-themes within the larger Halloween theme. Classic, quirky, modern, rustic, vintage or the always-popular bewitching are among the motifs that can be the foundation for every aspect of Halloween-themed marriage ceremonies.


For Halloween-themed weddings, your choice of flowers gives you a perfect chance to go off the beaten path and choose an alternative wedding bouquet rather than those that are found at traditional weddings. The obvious is orange and black. Classic Halloween colors can be chosen to dominate the entire floral landscape, or simply to accent more traditional harvest-style flowers such as sunflowers and daisies.


The items you choose to decorate your wedding are usually the breaking point between cool and tacky. Halloween decorations can be awesome, but they can also run the risk of coming off as tacky or cheap. Avoid plastic and consider including Halloween-related artwork on tables or at the bar.

The Cake

This is the category that gives you an opportunity to really shine. A baker who specializes in external icing decoration is always going to love the opportunity to go off the beaten path with something like a Halloween theme. Do yourself a favor and pick a baker who you really trust and whose past work you really admire and respect – and then give him or her carte blanche. Don’t micromanage. It’s your wedding, but they’re the expert.

An artsy baker can make create a Halloween-themed wedding cake that your guests will never forget.

Everybody loves a good Halloween party – and when that party encompasses your wedding vows, it can be an event for the ages. It’s a bold – even risky – move to base your wedding on a holiday that was traditionally associated with kids playing dress-up. But Halloween is cool and fun and extravagant, and a wedding centered on its mystique can be truly unforgettable.

Photo credits: Flickr users Carina and Stan’s Northfield Bakery.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer who writes about event, party and wedding planning.