A Biker Wedding

The rich and alternative culture of bikers extends to wedding customs. Bikers are large families joined together by a common passion. Marriage within the culture is such a serious affair for these tight knit communities, bikers have their own unique takes on the ritual. Even couples who are only part-time biker enthusiasts enjoy making their shared passion for motorcycles the central theme of their wedding.

Gettin Hitched

Traditional Biker Wedding

Perfected over time, the traditional biker wedding its own established customs. Aisles for brides and grooms are lined on either side with motorcycles. Bikers rev their engines as brides pass on their way to the wedding alter. Once brides reach the front of the aisles bikers rev their engines all together before cutting them off in unison. This ritual is a favorite among biker culture, and it is a nice touch for any biker wedding. For amateur bikers whose guests are not predominantly into motorcycles, this custom can be modified in a variety of interesting ways.

Wedding Apparel For Bikers
There are an array of fashion styles suited for biker weddings. Leather is the iconic material of biker culture. A groom’s favorite leather jacket over a tie, button up shirt, and dress pants is one one option. This works well paired with a black leather bride’s dress accentuated with silver or white lace. For an alternative, biker patches sewn onto normal wedding dresses and tuxedos are a fun way to shake things up. A biker garter must have at least one motorcycle charm dangling from it. Orange, red, or black are fitting garter belt colors for a biker wedding. Some bikers choose to wear their everyday biker clothing, but dress their bridesmaids and groomsmen in formal attire.


Biker Themed Decor
Black, black, and more black is the iconic palette for bikers. In other words, given the choice, choose black. Napkins, flower holders, dishes, tablecloths, invitations, and ribbons are easy to find in black. Use touches of silver for an elegant compliment against all of the black details. Any number of biker wedding cake toppers are either available online or through your local wedding cake bakery. Many choose a lone simple motorcycle. A more endearing choice is one of the many ornaments featuring a couple riding away together on a bike. Harley Davidson themed weddings are another popular choice.




Biker Gifts For Guests
Gifts for biker themed weddings can be a lot of fun. Temporary tattoos are one way for guests to break the ice. An array of appropriate charms can be found to give away as keepsakes. Tied together with leather strings, a set of charms is an iconic biker wedding gift. Biker patches, shot glasses with custom messages, and bike shaped cookies are some other fun ideas. Don’t forget chrome metal or black key chain favors. No biker wedding is complete without them. Guests will remember the wedding every time they glance at the patch on their jackets, take a shot of whiskey from their commemorative glass, or start their engine with a key chain honoring your wedding.

The Kiss

This post was supplied by Brisbane Motorcycles. All Photos by Alan Viau