How to plan a last minute wedding

Some people get the opportunity to plan their wedding with months at their disposal. They can browse through myriads of locations, check out collections of many designers, go for many food tastings before finalizing a caterer and take their sweet time to plan the decor. The way the wedding industry is booming, it is no surprise that most good caterers and wedding venues are booked months in advance. But what if you need to plan and execute a wedding in a very short period of time? Will you have to compromise on everything? Will it be a rushed, mediocre event?

Even if you have to plan it in a hurry, it is still your wedding; the most important day of your life. The day you start your new life with your beloved; and this definitely calls for celebration. If you take the right decisions and plan efficiently, you will not only have a great wedding but you will also be able to save some time and money. Whether you do this by buying dresses or designer sarees online for your functions or by hiring a wedding planner, is totally up to you.

Umesha & Mum

Here are some tips to plan a last minute wedding:

  1. If you don’t have a venue, you don’t have a wedding. The first thing that needs to be finalized in a last minute wedding is the venue. So make a list of all your preferences and start finding out which one is available. You may not get your first choice and you may have to compromise on the location, so keep your options open and follow up promptly.
  2. Delegate some of the tasks to your trusted friends and family. Accept the fact that you may not be able to be very hands-on and you may have to trust some other people with some of the responsibilities. Delegate the right task to the right person. For example, decor should be given to someone who understands aesthetics and guest lists should be given to someone who knows you really well.
  3. Online shopping is the fastest way to save time while preparing for a last minute wedding. Again, it is very important to choose a website that will make sure that you get all your clothes on time. Even your family can buy their clothes online instead of running around in shops to make a choice.
  4. Catering is another aspect that needs direct attention of the bride, groom and the families. Since it is a last minute plan, make sure to stick to failsafe options as far as food is concerned. Even for decor and wedding cards, choose options that do not require too much planning ahead of time. Anything that needs too much back and forth will end up wasting your time.
  5. Keeping stress at bay is one of the important things while planning a last minute wedding. If you are a bride, you know the importance of good food and good sleep. You don’t want to have a acne breakout or bags under your eyes just few days before your special day. Keep things as stress free as possible.

With the option to book most wedding related services online, wedding planning has definitely become a whole lot easier now. Hiring a wedding planner is an option for anyone who wants industry experts to pull off a great celebration, even at the last minute. As long as you can communicate your opinions and explain your budget clearly, the right wedding planner will have no trouble executing your special day.