5 Reasons Marriage After Fifty is Fabulous

It used to be said that life begins at forty, but as we are all living longer and getting the chance to enjoy our later years, fifty has now become the new forty. By the time that you have reached your 50 birthday, you may well have been already married before or want to celebrate your loving relationship by getting married. Some people looking for love do like to find help to define their love life and prospects by using a tarot card reading to see what the future holds.

Over fifty

There are of course many ways these days to find your meaning and purpose in later life and if you are thinking of matrimony, here are 5 good reasons why marriage after fifty is such a fabulous idea.

The best reason of all

The number one reason for getting married after your 50th or at any time really, is love.

Love is the best reason of all, and despite the fact that there are no longer the social pressures that once existed for un-married couples, many older couples still choose to tie the knot as a way of affirming their deep love for each other.

There is something profoundly meaningful about the act of publicly declaring your love for each other and to make that special commitment to love, honour and cherish your partner through sickness and health.

Shared cost of living

Whilst it may not be the most romantic way to look at things, getting married when you are over 50 has cost of living benefits.

Married couples enjoy better economies of scale that single people simply can’t match and sharing the cost of your housing, food bills and medical costs amongst other things, makes a lot of financial sense.

Sharing the cost of living and reducing your personal expenses can have positive benefits for your relationship, as it may mean you have more money as a couple to spend quality time on holiday or on days out.

Spousal rights

This is actually a good reason for getting married in later life, rather than simply living together as a couple.

Despite the relaxed society we live in today where un-married couples are the norm, it is still a source of frustration that places like hospitals don’t seem to have caught up with the times. Nothing is more frustrating than being denied shared access or obtaining vital medical information about the person you love in an emergency, simply because the law does not recognise you as a couple.

Husband and wife relationships enjoy a far better legal status when trying to do things together than a couple who may have been together for many years, but are not married.

Settled period in your life

Another good reason for getting married in your 50’s is that you will have gained plenty of life experiences by the time you reach that birthday milestone.

Being happy with yourself and who you are will help you to be more tolerant of the things that your partner does and says. Learning that level of tolerance and understanding that is not always with us in earlier years, helps you to enjoy a more settled period in your life with someone who has the same relaxed outlook.


Yes it is worth repeating again. Love is the key to a successful relationship and has to be the primary reason why you get married after you turn 50.

All the practicalities of tax benefits and shared costs are good reasons, but when you hold your partners hand and look into their eyes, you want to see your soul mate share that meaningful connection that makes your heart beat a little faster.

Marie Mccormack is an avid blogger and wife of more than ten years. When she’s not taking care of her family, she’s writing about what works for her in her life. Look for her articles on a number of websites including family and relationship blogs. You can keep up with The Circle Psychic on Google+ .