4 Style Themes For Planning Your Wedding

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make about your wedding is what style theme you would like. Everything can be planned once you’ve figured out where you land on one of four basic themes.

Brides and grooms will complain to me of research exhaustion in looking at pictures and reading articles on wedding planning. They are on data overload. Paralysis sets in and they just can’t decide anymore.

Before you go off and start downloading or Pinning huge amounts of pictures, you need to step back. Your wedding is about you and no one else. It is NOT about how you want to be in the next edition of (insert name of wedding magazine here). In the 1000 weddings I’ve performed – I can tell you that each one is unique. The combination of the couple, families and friends make the difference – despite being at the familiar locations that I frequent.

Your wedding is about your story – your personality. Flaunt it!

I’ve found the in general, brides and grooms will choose to have one of four themes as a starting point for their wedding. It is from these four ideas that you can further develop your ceremony, reception and entertainment. Furthermore, we are so fortunate in Ottawa. All four themes are easily accessible.

Natural – Your wedding is at a lodge or in a field. Outdoors is the main idea. You can think of a pig roast, ceremony in a wooded area. Don’t forget the sun screen and bug spray.


Log Head Table

Rustic Table


Romantic – Lots of flowers and lace. This encompasses the vintage Great Gatsby look with classic cars. Go ahead – weddings are romantic – express it!

Flower Head Table

Romantic Table

Romantic Ceremony

Modern Urban – If sticking close to the city is your gig – then there are numerous ideas for your wedding. Choose an art gallery, restaurant, community centre or Museum. Many now will allow a ceremony on site and reset for your reception. You have everything at your fingertips.

Glebe Ceremony


Eclectic – If you want to do your own Do-It-Yourself wedding, you can go for it. Have your wedding in your back yard as a BBQ or on a boat. You can decorate it however you want.

Wedding Ceremony on a boat