Wedding Party Gift Ideas

By Tina Hamilton, a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. Look for her on Twitter.

You have a million things to worry about when planning your wedding. It is no secret that brides and grooms are a couple of the most stressed people in the world. It is a lot to try to plan a day that is so momentous and significant to you and your future. It is easy to let this pressure get the best of you and turn your wedding planning stage into a blur of stress and anxiety.

However, you do need to remember that there are a lot of people working to help make your day special and perfect. A few of those people are your wedding party. These are a few of the closest people to you that you hand selected to help you make your wedding day everything you dreamed it could be. Because they will be doing so much work for your special day, you will want to thank them in a special way. Here are some wedding party gift ideas to show them that they are appreciated and valued during your wedding planning process.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Some fun and games

It’s all fun and games until the bride and groom don’t get their way. Your wedding party will do their fair share of consoling during your wedding planning process, so show them that you still love to have fun together and you will never take yourself too seriously. Give cool groomsmen gifts like a personalized dartboard or fun bridesmaids gifts like painted wine glasses. These gifts are sure to make your wedding party smile and stay relaxed during the wedding planning process.

A ticket to paradise

You will already be spending a lot of money on your wedding and honeymoon, but it might also be nice to give your wedding party some much needed time away after your wedding is over. Many couples are now letting their wedding party be a part of their honeymoon. You can buy their tickets or hotel rooms and plan times to get together during the trip, but you will all be able to spend alone time separately to regroup and recharge. Otherwise, you can consider giving your wedding party a less inclusive getaway, like a day at a spa, to help them find relaxation after the wedding planning madness is over.

A monthly gift

There is nothing better than a gift that keeps on giving. Consider a monthly subscription for your wedding party gifts. Most popular choices recently have been wine or beer of the month clubs, but you can find something that best suits your wedding party and their interests. This can be anything from a simple magazine subscription to a monthly box of international cheeses. These gifts remind your wedding party every month how much they were appreciated on your wedding day.

A responsible fashion choice

This is becoming a more popular choice among eco-conscious couples, but it is a great gift for anyone who wants something unique and meaningful. Try out an eco-friendly wedding party gift, like a bag made out of eco-friendly material or a hand-crafted liquor cabinet.