BBQ: A Casual Yet Delicious Option for Wedding Reception Food

By Andrew Lisa, a freelance writer who covers event and party planning.

Your marriage is about celebrating your one true love – barbecue! No, it’s about celebrating your actual love for an actual person. But just because there are formalities like vows and a wedding officiant doesn’t mean that the cuisine has to be formal and traditional. In fact, if the food can only be one thing, it should be delicious. Can anyone actually argue that barbecue is anything but?

Although it’s certainly not the traditional wedding fare, barbecue is almost universally beloved – and it will make your wedding ceremony something to remember for everyone with tastebuds.

Barbecue can be as elegant as any traditional wedding cuisine.

Summer Weddings Take Place During Barbecue Season

As discussed in FoodyDirect’s blog post “Pulled Pork and Ribs Alert! Introducing Corky’s Memphis BBQ,” barbecue has long been associated with summer. Weddings are seasonal affairs and – although barbecue certainly could spice up a chilly fall marriage ceremony or a crisp spring wedding – summer ceremonies are tailor made for weddings in June, July and August.

Sophisticated Barbecue

Contrary to popular belief, barbecue is not relegated to the realm of back yards, cans of beer and paper plates. Barbecue actually dresses up really well. Consider the options for sides alone. Jicama coleslaw, garlic grilled corn on the cob and grilled baked potato wedges. The main dish can be truly elegant. Slow-roasted pork, brisket, rib-eye steak and applewood smoked chicken could be just a few of the unlikely stars of the most memorable wedding buffet ever.

Something for Everyone

For guests who are among the ever-increasing vegetarian population, or for those who simply can’t fathom crushing a marinated, orange-glazed baby back rib at a wedding ceremony, barbecue is as versatile as it is delicious. Skewers enable you to go as far as your imagination will take you. Shrimp, vegetable, chicken or essentially anything-kebobs can make even the pickiest guests thankful that they’re not settling for the pasta-and-butter third option to which they’re usually relegated at weddings.

Ditch the predictable formalities for something that’s beloved by nearly everyone.

Although it seems like a bold, almost maniacally unconventional choice, barbecue is surprisingly safe. So what if your wedding officiant goes home with a stained robe? The fact is, most weddings offer some variation of chicken, fish or meat – and you can cut from that same cloth, but with almost limitless variations that are familiar, charming and undeniably awesome.

Don’t get caught up in the perceived informality of barbecue. Just focus on taste and variety – professional presentation can make this classic summer staple as elegant as any other – far more boring – traditional wedding fare.