Book Review: Fast-Track Your Health by Mohammad A. Emran

Life Horizons

Four keys to successful weight loss is the subtitle to this book. It is a straight up, no nonsense talk on the reality of weight loss from a bariatric surgeon. Based on his experiences and current research, his advice is right on the money with regards to healthy living.

Weight Loss

Board-certified physician and obesity expert Dr. Mohammad Emran has seen people try everything under the sun to lose weight.  In his new book, he shares what he’s learned about what people need to do to achieve and maintain weight loss.

“It all comes down to four things.  If you do these four things, you maximize your chances of weight-loss success.  There are no fad diets or over-the-top exercise routines, just steady, constant progress and the mental tools that will enable you to set your goals and achieve them.  I’m convinced that anyone can do it.” states Dr Emran.

Dr. Emran began to…

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