Does Government Policy of Economic Growth Get in the Way of Happiness?

Does Government Policy of Economic Growth Get in the Way of Happiness?

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Canada will see a Federal Government election in 2015. I already see commentary in the news about which party or leader can lead the economy better. But is that they fundamental question? Does government policy of seeking ever more economic growth get in the way of a person’s or societal happiness?

The paper below re-posted from Australia’s University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts argues that it may be the wrong policy. The current operating assumption in our society, as in Australia, is that each person has to improve their happiness on their own, without any collective change. Individual initiatives to foster happiness-promoting habits are certainly worthwhile. However, as long as commercialism, individualism and inequality persist, greater happiness will be elusive for many. It may be time to consider a wider cultural context to challenge the status quo.


20 March 2014,
Government goals and policy get in the way of…

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