The Yoga of Catching a Thief: A Life Lesson on Yin and Yang

The Yoga of Catching a Thief: A Life Lesson on Yin and Yang

Life Horizons

Off the thief ran with the hard earned profits of my daughter’s fledgling opera company. We captured him and held him until the police arrived. But that was not what I had in mind. I struggled with my inner dark side…and learned more about yoga on the way.

It takes a lot of energy to produce any show. My daughter, Alaina, is Artistic Director of her small opera company startup called Loose Tea Music | Theatre.  We were tearing down after the last performance at a fashion designer’s studio. It is always an emotional time as we celebrate success and deal with some disappointments. The hard work converts to meager earnings which is typical for a start-up.

Moving stuff to our cars, I stood watch so no one would steal anything. I noticed a young man in a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey panhandling at the corner and he seemed to…

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