Will you marry me

Every girl looks forward to the three most important days in her life. First is her engagement proposal, second is her wedding day and third is the day she becomes a mother. Each one of these occasions is different and a woman has different expectation as to how each of these days should be.  Let us begin with the engagement day.
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Men should ensure that it is as per her standard or she might just turn on her heels and disappear. Planning a perfect proposal drives boys crazy. It has to be romantic but not too cheesy, memorable but yet not overdone, a little conventional while still being unique.  Yet the most important part in any proposal is the engagement ring. Once you have found your ‘perfect somebody’, the very next thing you should do is grab a perfect ring and plan a perfect proposal.

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Diamonds are not only every women’s best friend, but they are also the most traditional engagement ring choice. ‘Solitaire’ rings look very elegant and are also scratch-proof. No woman has ever declined a ‘Vintage Beaded Diamond Ring’, because it is exactly the ring every girl dreams of.

If you are unsure of what your fiancé would like, settle for the safest options. Like the ‘Eternity Diamond Ring’, any girl on this planet would swoon over this ring.

But the selection of a proposal ring depends on various other factors too, like the budget or the preference of the person you are proposing to. If you cannot afford a solitaire ring, you could always buy something that fits your budget without sacrificing on the elegance of the ring like the ‘Maghona Diamond band’ a 18k yellow gold ring with diamonds channel fitted to make it look fascinating or a ‘Eternity Ruby ring’, an 18k gold ring with diamonds teamed with passionate rubies.

Proposing with a ‘Rudrapriya Gold Ring’ made of 22k yellow gold could also be a fascinating idea. Nothing can be better for your girl than a gold ring with a classic design.

And if your girlfriend is not very fond of the conventional diamond ring, you could always propose to her with a compact and less flashy ring, like a simple yet elegant 22k yellow gold ‘Sakshi Gold band’. You don’t need to buy a very expensive ring; just what you buy should be elegant and gorgeous. It should not overshadow the person who is wearing it. Follow these tips and I am sure she will find the proposal irresistible.

If your fiancé is not too fond of rings, you could always give her a simple ‘Tanushri Gold band’ and sway her by giving her a heart shaped ‘Uttara Tanzanite Pendant’ along with it. The ‘Uttara Tanzanite Pendant’ has a perfect weight and dimension, while also being stunning and stylish.

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The most important thing to be kept in mind is that expensive does not equate with quality. Always go for an authentic store online and you can never go wrong. There, you would find rings of all ranges and designs.

Once you have selected the store you want to buy from and the ring you want to buy, get ready to get down on one knee and propose the girl of your dreams.