Looking for Couples for TV Show

Are you or someone you know  planning to say “I Do” interested in being on a  TV show?

Pivotal Media is presently shooting a pilot show  for CBC and asked  www.allseasonsweddings.com  to help them find couples who might interested in this  project.

Let’s get hitched is a new documentary about  unique love stories leading up to your ceremony. This is a  show about weddings and much more. It is a TV show about  love and everyone loves a great love  story. It’s  a show about why people get married. Their theme is  ‘come get married with us!’ . Let’s get  hitched will be shooting in Ottawa September 13- 15 2014.

Interested couple can get more info at http://www.pivotalmedia.com/casting/lets-get-hitched/
Contact:   info@pivotalmedia.com
  or make contact with Laura at 416 807 0482. 

 Lets Get Hitched

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