Devon Captivated by a Beautiful Girl – Andrea

Their first encounter was fifteen years ago, Devon, a sophomore in high school looked back in the lineup at the school cafeteria and was captivated by a beautiful girl. The girl he would eventually marry; the girl who is standing before us today.

It took 4 years for Devon and Andrea to meet. Throughout high school they passed each other many times, but their paths never quite crossed. It was not until the beginning of university that Andrea received an email from Devon; a brief summary of the feelings that he had for her over those years. This email led to a conversation over text, to phone calls and finally to a date. This was the beginning of their remarkable relationship.

They have spent their 20s together, learned about the adult world, supported each other through disappointments and celebrated each others successes.

Finally, they were married at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club.

Devon and Andrea get married
Devon & Andrea with mum and dad. Also with his brother and sister-in-law whom I wed two years ago… and their daughter.

But let’s go back a bit and see the wedding ceremony. Andrea arrived at the golf club just in time for the ceremony to start.


It was a very bright August afternoon and the sun poured in as she entered the room accompanied by her father.

Wedding entrance

They really impressed me by reciting their own touching vows from memory. Very few couples have been able to accomplish this.

Wedding vows

And with a kiss they were married…and with a champagne toast the reception began.

I loved their sweetheart table.

Sweetheart table

and I know their cake was going to be fantastic because it was made with love by Sarah J’s Cupcakes.



  1. Alan, this brought a smile to my face. Such a lovely overview of our special day. Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding and delivering a beautiful ceremony.

  2. A beautiful and memorable wedding of my oldest nephew and his beautiful bride. I wish you both well in your futures together. Love always…..Auntie Donna

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