Wedding Planner, Marcy Blum’s Top 5 Tips

Marcy Blum, owner of event planning company Marcy Blum Associates (did Lebron James’ wedding) visited “The Juice” and revealed her top 5 wedding planner secrets that are sure to impress.


Framed Seating Cards

  • When you first walk in to an event, seating cards are your first shot at making a great impression of the event.  Make them unique and special to set the tone for the rest of the evening. If you have crafty bridesmaids this is a fun group project!

Personalized Table Assignments

  • Instead of using traditional table numbers, name each table the places that the bride and groom have traveled together. This will be unique to each couple and will let the guests feel like they are truly a part of the whole experience and will get a peek into the travel adventures of the bride and groom.

Bridal Guest Emergency Kit

  • If you have been to weddings or have been a bride before, you know this will come in handy. It’s something that is easy to do ahead of time and will show your guests that you put the extra thought into making sure everyone has what they need day-of, even in an emergency situation. Supply it with things like spray on deodorant, mini sewing kit, breath mints, bobby pins, Band-Aids for blisters, lint roller, etc., and keep it in the bathroom for your guests.

Personalized Wedding Favors

  • If your Grandma bakes amazing chocolate chip cookies that make everyone’s heart melt, ask her for the recipe and package individually for each guest with her “secret recipe” attached with a simple note. If your wedding favor is a gift that shows you consider each guest as family they will feel super special.

Take-Home Desert

  • The whole cake never gets eaten at weddings. When designing your cake, have half of it made edible and the other half made to look edible. Have your baker package half the cake in a mini jars so that guests can take it home.

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