A Peacock Themed Wedding for Kayla and Tyler

Peacock feathers are great because they are so exotic and colorful. Kayla and Tyler’s wedding was themed with peacocks. Feathers and birds were everywhere. It was a wonderful display.

First let’s start with Kayla’s hairstyle which is called a peacock.

Peacock hairstyle

The purses and flowers were peacock feather themed.

Purse and Flowers

Kayla’s bridesmaids dresses were of the jewel colors found in a peacock feather.

Kayla and bridesmaids


The groom and his men were adorned with a peacock feather boutonniere.


The ‘pillow’ for the wedding rings was a stuffed peacock. Cute.

Stuffed toy peacock

I got into it too. She had a peacock feather on the pen for signing the register. I added a couple of peacock feathers to the fabric used in the handfasting.


The guests were treated to a peacock decor for the reception.

Guest book
Guest Book
Letter box
Letter box
Seating Plan
Seating plan
Wine Glasses
Wine Glasses

Their wedding was a well thought out and everything worked together. Very Lovely.