3 Yoga Poses for Bedtime

Life Horizons

I was asked for some yoga poses that you could do while getting ready for bed. Maybe after a hectic day- you didn’t get a chance for a practice. Now it is time for bed and a few yoga poses can help relieve your day’s stresses and prepare you for a restful sleep.

These three poses can be performed in bed. I recommend holding each pose for two minutes (or about 30 breaths).

Sitting Camel: Sit at the corner of your bed with your legs spread across as wide as you can. Place your hands on the bed behind you with your fingers pointing away from you. Thrust your chest up towards the ceiling, pushing your shoulders down and back at the same time. Point your forehead towards the ceiling as well – not your chin.

This pose targets your tight chest, shoulders and neck muscles. It also stretches your forearms…

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