Wedding Trend: Ringbearer – Head of Ring Security

Traditionally, the ring-bearer is a boy who carries the bride and groom’s wedding rings on a pillow, down the aisle. Like all things in weddings these days, this is changing. Now often I see the ring-bearer as the head of ring security.

Courtesy of Blair Gable
Courtesy of Blair Gable

The role of kids in a wedding party usually consists of a flower girl and a ring-bearer. The flower girls are really cute walking down the aisle delicately and deliberately spreading flowers on the path. Sometimes I need to coax them to spread more of the flowers around. Everyone loves them because they are adorable.

The ring-bearer is traditionally carrying the rings on a pillow. The real rings may not be on the pillow depending on the age of the boy. It is feared that he may do something unexpected and lose the rings. There was one wedding where we knew he was going to be a challenge. The bride insisted that the real rings be on the pillow. So we made sure they were tightly fixed on the ribbon. Sure enough the boy came down the aisle with a ring on his finger and twerlling the pillow. I had a seam ripper in my pocket to release the rings.

Other times we see a boy come down the aisle carrying a sign that may say, “Here comes your bride.” That is cute too.

Kids in a the wedding

If the bride and groom are a little more adventurous then they can have fun with the ring-bearer. I’ve seen many times when he is pretending to be a secret agent or in charge of ring security. When I ask for the rings, he seriously steps forward and opens the locked briefcase and gives me the rings. The James Bond theme music is sometimes played during this time.

Wedding ring security

It is all good fun and a nice update to the traditional role.

Wedding Ring Security