Affordable 4-in-1 Silk Dresses for the Entire Bridal Party

Ugh – you’ve been asked to be in the bridal party – that means another cash outlay for a dress you’ll wear once. A patent-pending dress designer has come up with the answer. Affordable 4-in-1 silk dresses designed for the entire bridal party.


Durga-kali dresses are lovely, make a statement, and are a practical investment. These reversible dresses let you bring out the inner goddess in you; both sides. You can be the Indian goddess Durga– elegant in your gown at that black tie event or in the wedding party– and then be Kali– a diva in your little black dress for a night on the town.

dk1205 color front vertical

The dresses are stunning for that special occasion, and can be worn again. The next time you are invited to that special event, planning a wedding, or asked to be a bridesmaid, panic will be a thing of the past. Could there be a better excuse to adorn yourself in pure silk?

dk1203 color front horizontal

Druga-kali offers a fashionable collection of reversible dresses available in an array of hues that reverse from not only in color but also from shiny to matte and long to short. And that little black dress too.

dk1202 black front vertical