Whatever Floats Your Boat

Life Horizons

“Whatever Floats Your Boat” is a common expression which means “Do whatever makes you happy”.  Do Whatever Makes You Happy is a life view that people promote. One lesson often downplayed in living with a Whatever Floats Your Boat approach is to periodically check to see if things are alright.

You see it all over. Programs/Ads/Gurus tell you to set your goals and work hard towards to achieve happiness. Don’t let the obstacles get in the way. Challenges only make you stronger. Do what makes you happy no matter what – seems to be the message. Whatever Floats Your Boat – go for it.

Sunset on Lake Nipissing Sunset on Lake Nipissing with Manitou Island in the distance

I was with a friend, Jimmy, and my wife, Maureen, on his boat in Lake Nipissing near North Bay, Ontario. I was there for the ride and to watch my wife cast her fishing line into the water. It was the first time that…

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