Tips on Setting Up ‘The Bar’ At Your Wedding

By Sarah Smith, a small business owner. She is currently learning many thing about weddings and, using the internet. Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media, and read travel books.

The big day is arriving shortly, and it can be a challenge to not get caught up in the management of all the fine details. First, take a deep breath and realize what is important right now, which is that you have found the person you wish to be with for the rest of your life and that is quite an accomplishment. Take each step of wedding planning one day at a time to avoid being overwhelmed; starting with the bigger tasks upfront then work your way down. One fun task is preparing for the delicious food, hiring the entertainment, and setting the bar at your wedding!

Mr and Mrs Cocktail

The management of the bar at your wedding is a crucial part to the overall success of your special day. If you allow free reign of the cocktails all day or evening you could be facing some out of control guests. If you limit what they can have, then it can appear to be a stuffy party versus a fun day of celebration. Determine what type of attendees will be coming, and what you may require to keep them afloat.

If you are having a wedding for an older couple for example, you get easily serve wine or beer. For younger ones, you generally need to spice it up when setting the bar at your wedding. You can offer specialty drinks such as only serving cosmopolitans for the event, or only craft beers. If your celebration is a themed one, you can have bartenders create you a drink just for your event.

As far as hiring those to serve at your bar, you have a few options. Some catering companies that create your meals for the day will also provide their own set of bartenders. You can also hire them through local bars, pubs, or restaurants that you enjoy their service when you visit their establishments. Hiring professional bartenders by trade is the best option, just based on their level of experience with responsible service. If you are having an open bar, you definitely need professional ones to mix your guests drinks correctly and also not waste bottles of alcohol that will result in a much larger bill. The last thing you want is for an inexperienced bartender to be creating dreadful drinks for your guests.

It can be expensive to host an open bar with responsible service for several hours, but some couples feel it is the best way to make your guests feel welcomed and have a great time. Giving away free meals and cocktails of any sort is a treat for any attendee, so don’t concern yourself too much with this piece. Go with what plan makes the most sense for your budget and try to maximize your spending and get the most bang for your buck.

Some creative ideas are having lots of taps for specialty beers, taps for wine, or you can serve Champagne all day. Colored Champagne is becoming a trend to match the wedding party’s attire, as well as western themed weddings that served chilled beer in bottles. Once you have decided on what style venue you will be having whether it will be nothing but elegance, or a down home party in the grass; you can better assess your bartending needs.

Wine bar

Another great tip when setting the bar for your wedding is to ensure you have a solid game plan for only serving those that are of the legal drinking age. Often, teenagers and those underage will try their luck at getting served at weddings and do get served by bartenders that are not properly trained, or ones that simply don’t take their jobs very seriously. Some feel it is inappropriate to card guests at their wedding, but it is always better to be safe rather than being sorry in this regard. Don’t scold teenagers though, studies are showing that as much as half of teenagers are choosing not to drink these days.

Take your time when setting the bar at your wedding, and make sure that if you were to attend your event that you would have a great time. You can also seek out any information on bartending from your local catering organizations or bartending schools.