How to Save on Your Wedding Venue without Sacrifice

By Andrew Lisa, a freelance relationship writer. He writes about weddings and gives advice on budgeting and family planning.

Modern weddings are expensive. Even bare-bones marriage services can break the bank if you don’t find ingenious ways to cut corners. The good news is, it’s possible to have the wedding you really want – even on your budget. One of the best ways to reign in spending is by being smart about your venue. The location of the wedding is one of the biggest expenses – and therefore, also one of the biggest opportunities to save.

Whether your wedding is ornate or simple, there are plenty of ways to save on the venue.

Off-Peak Day and Time of Year

You’ll have to make a decision – do you want to have the wedding you want, or when you want? As discussed in “Savvy Ways to Slash the Cost of Your Wedding Venue,” a sacrifice in when you have your wedding can lead to big bucks saved that can be used to enhance other areas of your marriage services. Go off-season (e.g., not summer), and forgo Saturday for a weekday or Sunday.

Get Creative (and Non-Traditional)

Look for venues that don’t usually do weddings, but are equipped to handle large crowds and catered events. Check out parks, bed and breakfasts, your local art gallery and butterfly or botanical gardens. You can get just as much aesthetic beauty – if not more – at a venue people will truly remember at a fraction of the cost. Also, keep in mind that small towns and rural areas cost far less than big cities or their metro areas.


Choose a venue that can pull off both a ceremony and a reception. Some even provide their own marriage officiant. Not only do you save money by paying for one venue instead of two, but you spare yourself a mountain of logistical headaches. No one wants to drive twice – once to a church or wherever, then again to a hall. Your wedding will be far less expensive and dramatically more streamlined with a single venue.

A few little tweaks can lead to big-time savings on the wedding you really want.

There are few things you need for successful wedding. You need a marriage officiant, you need loved ones and you need a venue. The rest is up to you. But with a few small tweaks, you can save big bucks on the physical structure in which your wedding takes place. That money can go to other parts of your wedding or be tucked away for life after your marriage services.