5 Must-Follow Laws to Finding the Best Floral Designer

Andrew Lisa is a freelance design and event writer. He writes about weddings, event planning and interior design.

Your wedding ceremony is likely the most important day of your life so far – if not, it’s almost certainly the biggest party you’ll ever throw. If nothing else, your guests are likely to remember your decor: your style, your decorations – your flowers. Your floral designer plays a huge role in the success or failure of your wedding. Get it right by following these floral designer laws.

When deciding on a floral designer, start with the basic questions that so many people forget to ask.

Avoid Surprises

Floral designers often have hidden charges, not because they are unscrupulous, but because there is more to their job than just designing flowers. It is your responsibility to ask about the cost of setup and breakdown, delivery, or the relocation of flowers from the site of the marriage ceremonies to the site of the reception.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Don’t presume anything or make assumptions based on whether or not you like the designer. How many weddings have they done? Do they only work with flowers that are in season? Where did they receive their training? Will it be them personally or a subordinate who does the bulk of the work? Can they work within your budget? These questions seem so basic that many forget to ask them in the first place, but omitting the basics is the surest way to invite catastrophe.

Never Accept a Double Booking

Find a floral designer who has your date open. Open, like, actually open. Like so many occupations that support the wedding industry, floral designers go through long periods of relative quiet punctuated by frenzied, seasonal activity. They know that the lean times are right around the corner, and often try to make up for the coming drought by booking as many jobs as they can when the wedding ceremony season finally arrives. Make sure they understand that you don’t want them handling two jobs in one day.

Integrity Above All Else

5 Jobs Nearing Extinction – and What’s Taking Their Place” speculates that floral designers may be better suited to simply become event planners. This would give them a wider role in outlining the layout of entire events. Whether or not this is true, floral designers must take an event planner’s level of commitment to your the marriage ceremonies they commit to working. Getting your flowers exactly right, delivered on time and of the highest quality is paramount to your wedding ceremony going off without a hitch. They must take their work seriously.

A great floral designer can make your wedding decor unforgettable to you and your guests.

A great floral designer gives you the luxury of one less thing to worry about. A bad one can leave you wondering for years to come if you made the right decision or could have done something differently. Most big issues can be prevented by due diligence up front. Get it right and insist on flawless flowers.