6 Do’s and Don’ts on What to Post on Social Media for Your Wedding

Social Media Etiquette

Getting married and not sure what you should share on social media sites? No need to worry, we have the top do’s and don’ts on social media etiquette for the bride and groom!

Social media is apart of many people’s everyday life, updating the world on how their day went on Twitter or showing off their delicious looking hamburger on Instagram. So why not use it to your advantage for your wedding?

1. Don’t inform family members and close friends on the engagement via social media

As excited as you are about this news try not to post it on Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram before you tell the people that matter the most. Many people consider this  a common courtesy. The last thing you want is your mother finding out your getting married from a Facebook post! After you’ve told you loved ones feel free the rest of the world the great news!

2. Do ask for their opinion on smaller wedding details

Let’s face it, there are so many details when it comes down to wedding planning! What kind of flowers? What theme? Where should the venue be? There’s no shame asking for  help from your family and friends on social media about wedding details. Hey, it may even get them involved and just as excited as you are about the big day! Keep in mind that some decisions should be made by you and your loved one, like your honeymoon! Smaller details like a wedding topper, color themes and flower choices are great to get a second opinions on by wedding guests.

3. Don’t post a wedding countdown

We know you’re counting down the days until you say ” I do” but not everybody else may be! There is nothing worse then seeing a countdown for an event or birthday every single day you go on  a social media site. Our advice to you is to have a couple of gradual updates before the big day. This shows that your excited about your wedding without overpowering other’s news feed!

4. Do make sure you are aware of the privacy settings of social media sites

It’s no secret that when posting anything on a social media site it’s out in the open. Very few people are aware of the privacy settings or the lack of on some sites. Our advice to you is double check your privacy settings on these sites…do you really want EVERYONE to see your wedding pictures?

If you don’t want everyone to see your wedding pictures – we have the perfect app for you, Snapable! Snapable allows for you and guests to take pictures on your iPhone or Android. During the wedding your guests can take as many photos as they want and they get directly upload into an album for the bride and groom. This app is more eco-friendly than your typical disposal cameras AND the pictures can stay private as long as you want them to!  To learn more about this amazing app check out Snapable!

5. Don’t broadcast where you are registered

This may be a bit controversial, but we say don’t do it!  If you post where you are registered online some people may feel pressured or just think you only care about wedding gifts! To get the word out about your wedding registry get a close friend to send out an email about where you’re registered or even put it on your wedding invitations. Of course if someone asks where you are registered via social media feel free to tell them!

6. Do post  your wedding photos

Hopefully we didn’t scare you from putting wedding pictures on social media sites! Of course you should (if you want to!) share this beautiful day with people who couldn’t make it or didn’t fit into your guest list. Whether it’s the photographers photos, your friends’ or even your Snapable photos – we urge you to share them… just make sure you know your privacy settings!

We hope we helped you with what to post and not to post about your big day on social media sites. For even more advice take a look at  the Bridal Guide’s for Wedding Etiquette!

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