Charter a Private Jet for Your Destination Wedding

By Sarah Smith, a small business owner. She is currently learning many thing about weddings and, using the internet. Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media, and read travel books.

Travel in Comfort to the Wedding Venue

Destination weddings are very popular, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to count on commercial flights to get there on-time. In addition, passengers are packed onto these flights like sardines in a can. It’s a special day, and the bridal party doesn’t want to show up late and exhausted, so why not consider a private jet charter? Many destination wedding planners work with aircraft charter companies and can make flying in comfort part of the wedding package. The entire bridal party can arrive fresh and rested after being pampered in the air with champagne, gourmet meals and massages. Private jets can also land at small airports that are closer to the wedding destination than the huge, and often confusing, international airports. Jet

A charter jet also allows the passengers a comfortable seat, plenty of leg room and a well-deserved touch of elegance as they head for their big day. The jet will vary in size based on the number of passengers traveling, but there’s no limit to the extras that can be requested. Vegetarian meals? No problem. How about a favorite brand of pillows and blankets? No worries, it will be on board. The cabin crew will work hard to make sure passengers get exactly what they want even before they have a chance to ask.There are exotic destinations all over the world that cater to wedding groups, and this article will focus on some of the most beautiful and popular. Many couples want to enjoy this time alone and celebrate with friends and family later, while others want to bring everyone along. Whatever the couple’s wishes, it’s hard to go wrong with a wedding in the Caribbean, Central America or Europe.
The Caribbean
This is a very popular spot because it’s easy to get to from many parts of the United States. In addition to a quick trip, there are many small airstrips that allow a private jet charter to land, English is widely spoken, and the residency requirements for a marriage license tendto be lenient.Beach weddings are, of course, very popular and are often scheduled at sunset, which adds lots of color to the photos and allows the couple to stand in the soft sand to exchange vows. However, there are plenty of quaint churches and even mountain plantations that host weddings.

Central America
Seven countries make up Central America, and the best ones for destination weddings are Belize and Costa Rica. Both countries have airstrips that can accommodate an aircraft charter flight, and it’s reasonably simple to apply for a marriage license. Beach and mountain resort locations abound, so it’s the perfect spot for just about any wedding plan.

The residents of these countries are friendly and welcome visitors warmly, so newlyweds sometimes continue the fun and stay on for a honeymoon trip. It’s very easy to book the private jet charter to transport the couple to a secluded beach for some much needed alone time after all the preparations surrounding the wedding.

If an old castle is the backdrop for a wedding, there are no shortage of them all over Europe, but residents of the United States often favor England, Scotland and Ireland, again, because English is the primary language. This is an especially good time to investigate the possibility of an aircraft charter, because flights to Europe tend to be packed year around and quite long in duration.

Unlike Central America and the Caribbean, the climate in Europe can be cold in the winter. However, winter weddings in a castle setting can be quite stunning, and since spring and summer are more popular times for travel, the prime locations will be less crowded.

Destination weddings are an experience of a lifetime. The trip can be made more comfortable if the services of a private jet are utilized.