Yoga May Slow Down Aging

Life Horizons

Millions of us aging adults are looking to slow down the hands of time. One answer may be as simple as turning to your yoga mat on a regular basis. A new study shows daily yoga practice increases two key hormones linked to youth and longevity: Growth hormone (GH) and dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS).

As we age, the amount of GH and DHEAS in our bodies markedly decreases. GH is known to stimulate the generation of new tissues like skin and muscle. DHEAS is linked to immune function and heart health. Previous studies have shown that regular exercise is associated with increased levels of GH and DHEAS throughout the lifespan. This study explored whether yoga impacts the same biochemical markers of healthy aging.

Yoga Lunge

Forty-five, yoga-novice adults ranging in age from 34 to 53 years were assigned to either a yoga group or a control condition. Those in the yoga group engaged in full yoga…

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