Book Review: Wedding Planning & Management

I’ve had the pleasure to peruse the book:Wedding Planning and Management: Consultancy for Diverse Clients, 2nd Edition. Even though it’s target audiences are event management students, consultants/planners, and vendors – I find it a must buy guide for engaged couples. It is an unbiased and comprehensive resource book on weddings for couples and wedding industry professionals.

Wedding Planning and Management

Looking through an event management lens, this is a great book that explores the fundamentals of weddings, including historical and cultural foundations, practice, and the basics of wedding planning in one volume. The over 80 international case studies emphasize diversity and traditions from cultures around the globe. They inspire and are super examples of best practices.

Since the first edition in 2007 the authors recognized that there have been many changes in the business of weddings. The second edition updates their last effort in the following ways:

  • Updated content to reflect recent issues and trends in areas such as family dynamics, media influences, impacts of technology, legislation and the global economy.
  • Every chapter is updated with the most recent research, statistics, vendor information and consultant guidelines.
  • New international case studies explore current research, cultural traditions, vendor relations and consulting best practice.

Wedding decor ideas

I found that it covered all the topics that one needs to know for planning your own wedding. It is full of useful advice on:

  • how to word wedding invitations,
  • which vendors to choose first,
  • budgeting,
  • tips for writing your own vows
  • including pets in the ceremony
  • seasonal flower availability
  • music selection
  • guideline to selecting the right size tent
  • common wedding day risks
  • emergency kits

The book is illustrated in full color and contains over 150 images by top wedding photojournalist Rodney Bailey end-of-chapter checklists, practical scenarios and review questions to test readers’ knowledge as they progress. Maggie Daniels and Carrie Loveless bring a combination of over 40 years of industry practice and teaching experience, and have written a book that is the ideal guide to successful wedding planning and management.

The book is available through Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover formats. Considering that the average wedding costs $25,000, this book is worth the $60 to help you towards your big day.