It’s my first time getting married with my mommy and daddy!

“It’s my first time getting married with my mommy and daddy!’ exclaimed 5 year old Sarah-Rose just before the wedding. Ah kids always say the truth from their perspective. Marie-eve and Marc were ready to be married and their daughter was an important part of their day – indeed their life as a family.

The village of Westport is about 1.5 hours drive west of Ottawa. I had finished Eloise and Peter‘s wedding and was on my way there to perform a wedding at the Cove Inn. A pleasant Saturday drive in the country-side avoiding squishing turtles that were crossing the road.

The grounds for the outdoor wedding were beautiful – overlooking a pond.

Grounds at the Cove Inn

The live musicians were installed in the gazebo playing some music while everyone got ready to go. Decorations were subtle and natural.

Love Birds wedding arch

Simple wedding decor

When I asked Sarah-Rose if she was ready – that’s when she made her statement. She was sure pretty and ready to do her duty as flower girl.

Pretty Flower Girl - front

Pretty Flower Girl - back


When she came down the aisle – she did as most flower girls do – gently picked one petal at a time to deposit on the aisle. When she reached me I encouraged her to spread them all over where her mum and dad were to stand – which she promptly did.

She is a matter-of-fact type of girl. During the sand ritual, as mum and dad are gently pouring their sand in the container – Sarah-Rose dumped all of hers in one tip of her flask. But isn’t that what makes kids charming…

After pronouncing Marie-Eve and Marc married, they kissed of course. It was then that Sarah-Rose chose to rush to them and give them a big hug. They were married together after-all. Damn, there I go tearing up again!

Family wedding hug

Lemonade was passed around after the service. After a refreshment, I headed home dodging more turtles.