Turquoise Hammock Hand-woven Natural Cotton Simple Fringe

Beautiful Double hammock, enjoy unique color proposed for this style of hammock: Blue Turquoise. The ideal combination to show off in the room or in the favorite spot in your home.

★You may always choose your favorite color! ★

★★ Also available with special fringe, bell fringe design (presidential fringe), and triangle design. And also available in Single size and Familiar size. ★★

Hammocks are made 100% cotton threads in many different designs and colors to the tastes of  customers, they are ideal for inside your home and for terraces, balconies, gardens, patios, beach.

Number of cords of the arm: 18 beads per arm
Number of persons: 2 persons
Body size, not extended (length x width): 273 cm x 105 cm
Weight: 3.6 Kg.

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Hammock as wedding gift