4 Fall Wedding Dress Trends

Trends are changing as the fall approaches. Fall is bringing traditional sleeved dresses ala Kim Kardashian, sweet as pie peach, bare your back or flaunt your artistic side with daring Ombre dip dyed lace. Brides are celebrating their day with traditional gowns that have a new spin and daring to try something completely new.

Sweet as Peach Pie

Who said only the bridesmaids get to have fun? Colors are not off limits to the bride as peach is reigning queen this season. Peach compliments any bridal party as nontraditional colors are being explored and embraced. Give Grandma something to talk about in a Peach dress leading the pack in the colored trend.


Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Long-sleeved wedding dresses no longer give off the impression of conservative or cautious. Take a clue from Kim Kardashian this season (we promise it is the only time we will recommend this), Whether it’s to the elbow or all the way to the wrist, sleeves are timeless and elegant. This Isabelle Armstrong dress embodies this trend showing brides don’t need to bare it all to standout. Creating the most graceful silhouettes, Isabelle Armstrong’s Cali long sleeved dress is romantic and fiercely modern.


Ombre- For the artistic bride.

The trend has been seen on countless levels, ombre hair, ombre nail art and now wedding dresses? It is no surprise Ombre is now seen on catwalks and wedding aisles alike. Ombre wedding dresses are a fun and daring, yet innocent way to break the rules and stand out. Everyone will look at the bride twice in a subtle yet eye catching ombre wedding gown.


Bare Backs

You spend a majority of you wedding facing away from your guests, shouldn’t your dress be as striking from the back as it is from the front? Designers have taken a backwards plunge this season with open, draped backs. Combining both classy and sexy Isabelle Armstrong takes this trend up by adding delicate crystals and lace to accentuate a bride from behind. 


Photos courtesy of Isabelle Armstrong