4 Activities You Can Do to Get in Shape with Your Soon-to-be-Spouse

By Andrew Lisa a freelance relationships writer. He writes about weddings, engagements and couples therapy.

Getting in shape for your wedding is a great gift to give both yourself and your partner – but why not reciprocate by giving it to each other? Exercising with the one you love is not only good for your body, but good for your relationship. Before you take your wedding vows, consider some of these couples-friendly workouts.

Tennis is a great way for couples to get in shape together.


A game of sprints, jumps, stops, starts and swings, tennis is more than an activity – it’s a full-body workout. Although it’s extremely difficult to master, tennis is easy enough to learn. Most towns have parks with tennis courts, and it’s not an expensive hobby. Even better, you can find another like-minded couple and play doubles for the ultimate double-date workout. For basic information about tennis rules and where to play in your area, visit LetsPlayTennis.com’s resource page.


From leisurely rides to grueling mountainous climbs, biking is a great workout that benefits not just the cardiovascular system, but also boosts your reflexes and coordination. While you bike yourself into shape, you and your partner can have the added benefit of exploring your town or city and the surrounding landscape. You’ll not only get fit, but you’ll know every backroad and trail before you take your wedding vows.


One of the most obvious online-dating profile cliches is to take long, romantic walks. Walking can be romantic, but even when it’s not, it’s a workout. Low impact and easy on the joints, walking is literally what humans were designed to do. Walking not only boosts physical health, but studies show that it improves focus and mental clarity, and a good walk can be the anchor point of your entire day.


There are plenty of couples who won’t engage in the ultimate couple’s workout before their marriage ceremonies – and that’s fine. They can go for a walk. But if you’re down to incinerate calories, increase stamina, boost vitality and overall general health, than your gym may be no farther away than the bedroom. There is growing evidence that a healthy sex life is good for not only every part of your physical well-being, but that it helps relationships work long after the marriage ceremony has taken place.

Biking together can get couples in shape and bring them closer.

Getting in shape and staying in shape is more fun with a partner. Plus, you’re more likely to stick to the workout if you’re doing one you love with someone you love. Your wedding is right around the corner; get in shape – but don’t slip after the big day.