Evidence Mounting That Meditation Helps Your Brain

Evidence Mounting That Meditation Helps Your Brain


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I recently attended a lecture called Your Brain on Yoga held at Pranashanti Yoga Centre. That got me exploring the evidence demonstrating that yoga helps your brain. It is quite astounding that studies are showing a wide array of effects of meditation on the brain.

According to a recent study by researchers at the University of Illinois, a single 20-minute session of yoga awakens and sharpens the mind significantly, comparable to walking or jogging. The study had 30 participants who were either given either a 20-minute yoga class or a moderate aerobic exercise routine. The yoga class included a short meditation practice where participants were encouraged to focus on their breath.

It was found that those who’d been practicing yoga and meditation performed significantly better than the aerobic group in being able to focus better, process new information quickly and accurately, and were able to recall the new information more effectively. What’s particularly interesting to…

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