Three Wedding Ring Trends

Engagement ring trends are always something to watch. I wanted to share three of the three coveted engagement ring trends that are currently sweeping brides-to-be off their feet this coming season. These are the perfect market additions for your upcoming round-ups and features. Diamondere the leading jewelry and diamond designer brings engagements an extra dose of sparkle this year while infinitely brightening that special moment.

Solitaire and Simplistic

 photo Coronare_234_Unconventional_zps74e3493e.jpg

This classic look is for the no-fuss bride. She knows what she wants and clean lines, which create big statements, are her style. Swoon her with a solitaire engagement ring from Diamondere’s collection and see her light up. This look will never overshadow the bride’s beauty, but always add to it!

The Halo

 photo Aralyn_2017_Halo_zpscf70923c.jpg

This time-honored engagement ring sees a new light with Diamondere’s customizable details. Allow each bride’s personal taste to show through with the stones strategically placed around the center diamond. This design is the perfect balance between opulence and understated glamour.

Eternally Vintage

 photo Ancelyn_695_Vintge_zps4cd26bd5.jpg

With nostalgia for the past and respect for lifetimes of love before her, this bride will say yes to a ring that marries these two ideas. Referencing the precedent in shape and settings, these stones and diamonds have the look of true legacy heirlooms.

These three trends offer something for couples looking to seal their love with the most precious of pieces.