9 Pointers for Staying Healthy Both Before and After Your Wedding

By Andrew Lisa a freelance health writer. He covers personal fitness and the health-insurance industry.

Getting healthy for your wedding – and staying healthy afterward – is about a lot more than just looking good in a suit or gown. Getting and staying healthy is about commitment to your partner, his or her family, and your future together. Follow this guide to making a commitment to your health when you make a commitment to your true love.

Quit smoking. It’s gross and it’s going to kill you.

Don’t Smoke

If you smoke cigarettes, quitting now is – without any close second – the best thing you can do to improve your health and your future quality of life. The moment you quit, your health begins to improve and your body begins to regenerate.

Eat, Drink, Move Around

The three biggest steps a person can take toward improving their health both before the marriage ceremonies and long after the wedding vows are also the most obvious: what they eat, what they drink and how they exercise. You don’t need to do anything radical. Drink water, eat well and participate in modest exercise. If you eliminate soda and other sugary drinks, eat smaller portions of healthy foods with more frequency throughout the day, and do even modest exercise (let’s say 15 jumping jacks in the morning), you will look and feel better very quickly.

Get Some Sleep

Sleep between seven and nine hours a night. Most people don’t. Appropriate sleep improves your memory and cognitive function, makes you less irritable and is good for your teeth, skin, hair, eyes and just about every other part of your body.

Take Stress Seriously

Stress is real. It’s more than an annoyance. It can diminish your quality of life and lead to serious health problems. Marriages aren’t always easy, and the stress created by money, children, uncertainty about the future – whatever – can lead to real health consequences. Know your triggers, resolve conflict where you can before it gets out of hand and don’t be afraid to get professional help if the going gets really tough.

Get Health Insurance

As discussed in “Health Insurance and Marriage,” a wedding – like the birth of a child – is a major life change and a perfect time to reevaluate health. By purchasing health insurance as a couple, you’re much more likely to go to the doctor more regularly, schedule checkups that are appropriate for people your age and maintain and monitor your health.

What you eat on your wedding day is far less important than your lifelong habits.

Getting in shape for marriage ceremonies has been a last-minute ritual for brides and grooms for as long as people have been trading wedding vows. The reality is, however, that showing off your new bikini body for the honeymoon is a superficial joy. The months and years and – hopefully – decades to come depend on the decisions you make right now. Get healthy and stay healthy – you’re not just living for you anymore.