Infographic: The Bizarre Origins of 5 Modern Wedding Traditions

By Greg Hoffman of Groomsman Gift Stand.

Your good buddy calls you up one day and asks you the following question,

“ Hey, as you know Lisa and I are getting married, and I was wondering if you would be my best man?”

What an honor!

“Of course I will” you say.

How proud and happy you feel that your friend chose you, out of all his friends, to stand by his side on one of the most important days of his life. But what exactly is the point of being a best man?

Chances are you’ve never even given a second thought as to exactly why it is we, for example, have a “best” man or “bridesmaids”, toss the garter, to even standing on a specific side during the ceremony. You participate and go along with it because its tradition! Harmless fun that everyone you know also goes along with as well.

We never really stop and think “Where did these traditions come from?”

Well, it turns out that the origins of these wedding traditions that you think of as mundane, ho hum, or just kind of silly have very bizarre histories that many people have either forgotten about or never knew in the first place.