Top 5 Trends of Ice Sculpture for Winter Wedding in Canada

By Monik Makadiya who works with Festiveice, a leading ice sculpture and chocolate fountain company in Canada. 

A dream wedding set against the backdrop of an exquisite snowy landscape is a fantasy folks around the world cherish. While not all countries can depend on it snowing, if you are in Canada, you can count on a white winter wedding. With long winters and the availability of some of the best wedding décor professionals, you can have a mind-blowing winter wedding in Canada. Besides, if you have spent a golden time courting in Canada, we’re sure you’d have had many a cozy winter memory that will make the thought of a winter wedding incredibly romantic for you!

However exotic a winter wedding may be, the fact remains that a majority of Canadians would set a summer month to take the marriage oath. Therefore, if you decide to wed in winter, you get a lot of discounts on venue, food, décor and other arrangements.

While we talk of weddings, and especially winter weddings, the top décor trend that comes to mind is that of ice sculptures. They light up the look of an event, and serve a good set of functions too, like serving cool salads and cocktails. Following are the top 5 ways of incorporating some exotic ice art in your wedding.

Ice Sculpture Centerpieces

A beautiful sculpture of ice used as a centerpiece at your wedding will make your venue come alive. Inside and around the ice centerpiece, you can have more decorations like flowers, candles, ribbons, photos and other accessories. If you are getting married in Canadian winter, your sexy ice sculpture centerpiece will last a really long time!


Ice Sculpture Food Presentation

The food serving tables are another great place to enhance with ice sculptures. You can either keep a decorative piece, or make ice plates to serve salads and other cold foods from. This keeps the food fresh and the light angling in on the crystalline ice makes your food tables look resplendent. Just imagine the minimally colored or transparent ice plates and a range of colorful edible delights served aesthetically on them!


Ice Luge

Getting to drink cocktail just out of an ice luge is irresistible. Place one or two of them on the bar counter – all your guests are going to love the experience. Drinks and ice art definitely go hand in hand!


Ice Sculpture Bottle Holder

Another way to keep drinks cold, in a most stylish manner; your bar gives you ample opportunities to play around with ice sculptures. You can make them as minimalistic as you like or as fancy as you like. You can even get your pieces customized to yourself through personalized shapes and name engravings.


Ice Cake

Bring a new twist to traditional wedding pieces by building a tiered cake of ice. As an icing to your ice cake, get your names engraved in beautiful fonts. Decorate your cake with colors, flowers and candles, and it will be the center of your wedding that your guests will be posing around to click photos with.


So choose a lovely day, a natural landscape, the perfect ice sculptures and a huge fire to enchant, and you’ll have a wedding to remember!