Fascinating Exhibit at Museum of Nature: Creatures of Light

Life Horizons

I admit that I geek out on Science and Technology stuff. The new exhibit that just opened at the Canadian Museum of Nature: Creatures of Light not only geeked me out scientifically but appealed to my sense of wonder and mystery. 

Subtitled Nature’s Bioluminescence, the exhibit Creatures of Light explores extraordinary organisms that produce light—from fireflies to deep-sea fishes and even mushrooms. At the opening, it was explained that no mammal, bird or reptile have the ability to bioluminesce. Only lower class organisms seem to have this ability. They use the light  to attract mates, lure unsuspecting prey and defend against predators.

Visually dramatic, informative and immersive, the exhibition explores the diversity of organisms that glow, and how they do it. 


It was mesmerizing to see live flashlight fish! Their light comes from bacteria that live in organs under each eye. The bacteria produce their bioluminescent glow through a chemical reaction…

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