The Italian Way Wedding at Toronto’s Osteria dei Ganzi

In the heart of Toronto, near the intersection of Wellesley and Jarvis, is a new wedding venue suited for couples looking for a little Italian flair. Inside a beautifully revitalized heritage mansion from 1891, Ganzi accommodates between a small group of 16 to a standing party of 120. And accommodating is the name of the game. From the menu, to the bar, to the size of your party, this place helps you at every corner when planning your perfect day that is unique to you.



Each wedding is different, just as the couples are distinct in their own way. The menu, designed by executive chef Guerrino Staropoli, exemplifies this. Each wedding features a customized menu, chosen from 46 Italian cuisine items, and can be presented any way the couple wants. From three course prix-fixe menus, to buffet stations featuring cured meats and artisan cheeses, to roaming plates of hors d’oeuvres the chef makes sure that no two weddings are the same. Depending on items picked, each plate will run between $45 to $65 per guest.

So, why go to Ganzi to host your wedding reception? The Italian flair and the homeliness of the venue will draw couples who are looking for a Tuscan style wedding with a below-average price will find Ganzi perfect. There is also a trend these days for couples from Italian backgrounds to forsake the traditional large wedding receptions in favor of smaller, and more affordable, parties. However, above all the best part is the price. At the end of the day all bar prices, meals, and rental of the space are included as one sum so you won’t have to worry about smaller prices being added on.


The space is divided into four rooms that can accommodate smaller wedding sizes, or a combination can be rented for larger groups. On another note, this is a perfect setup if family politics are an obstacle. The groom’s aunt doesn’t get along with the bride’s father’s girlfriend? Just have them seated in the next room and they will never need to meet!

Overall, Osteria dei Ganzi features a beautiful home with a highly customizable experience along with friendly staff.

Keenan Viau is a contributing writer to who covers the Toronto wedding scene and is also a tenor.