8 Chantal Kreviazuk Songs for Your Wedding


Kids are really honest with their emotions. They don’t have the filters that adults have about feeling the music.
So when this little girl heard her parents’ wedding song, she was crying her heart out. A video of her bawling has gone viral since it was uploaded to YouTube in February.

Her mother, YouTube user dianasedg1, recounted: “I showed my 2 year our wedding slideshow and had the song, ‘Feels Like Home’ by Chantal Kreviazuk, and this was the response she had. She starts to cry every time she hears this song now.”

Another takeaway from this whole episode is the unbridled ability of Ms. Kreviazuk to sing the most touching wedding songs. It only stands to reason that we name some of the most wedding-worthy songs in her catalogue, beginning with this certified tearjerker:

“Feels Like Home”

Before she was driving toddlers to tears, “Feels Like Home” had been making adults cry in theatres and living rooms. It is one of Chantal’s hardest-working songs, appearing on the soundtracks of everything from Dawson’s Creek to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. “Feels Like Home” was actually penned by Randy Newman, and many artists have covered the song, ranging from Josh Groban to Bonnie Raitt to Linda Ronstadt. But it is Chantal’s version that has made the most popular connection. With lilting piano accompaniment and heart-wrenching vocals as only Chantal could deliver, “Feels Like Home” inexorably, effectively, and lovingly gives you the feels.
This is definitely worth asking a wedding band to sing.

“Leaving on a Jetplane”

Chantal’s star was brightening in the late 90s, but she only hit global pay dirt when she covered “Leaving on a Jetplane” for the asteroid flick Armageddon. Decades after John Denver made a hit out of it, “Jetplane” found new life through a feminine perspective and a strident combination of piano and harmonica. The power of the promise, “when I come back I’ll wear your wedding ring,” is still there but imbued this time with Chantal’s emotion. Since you can’t really hear emotion through words, here is the music video.

“Before You”

Chantal is married to music nobility and fellow Canadian Raine Maida, vocalist of Our Lady Peace. Together they created the singsong-y “Before You” for Chantal’s sophomore album Colour Moving and Still. In this song, Chantal talks about leaving her insecurities and fears behind for a new, happier chapter of life with a paramour.


By this time, you will have realised that Chantal has been a go-to girl of sorts for soundtracks. For the OST of Uptown Girls, she crafted this cautionary poem about not letting time pass you by. “Now this is my time / I’m going to make this moment mine” might as well be a plea to getting hitched, right here, right now. Musically, “Time” will never waste your time.

In This Life”

First of all, I married a really responsible man, which is key. Marry someone responsible,” Chantal once said.
“In This Life,” a single from her third album What If It All Means Something, speaks about celebrating differences as a couple and being there for each other for the long haul. “You’re in the basement watching the TV / I’m on the second floor watching the ceiling / We sleep underneath the same big sky at night / I dream the same dream we can fly / You can run from me / You can hide from me / But I am right beside you / In this life.” Marriage is not a bed of roses, but we make the most out of it. Take it from Chantal.

All I Can Do”

Leading the singles off Chantal’s fourth album Ghost Stories(2006), “All I Can Do” is a straight-up declaration of love. Here, Chantal declares: “All I can do is love you to pieces / Give you a shoulder to cry when you need it / when the day is long, and the night is coming down…I won’t forget the love you made.”
As always, “All I Can Do” features Chantal’s masterful piano-playing, a skill she first learned at age 3. She comes from a musical family—she was named after the French word for “sing,” after all—and has been composing songs since she was 19.

“This Year”
This song is a cut from the Serendipity soundtrack, so that should say something about its romantic quality. It’s really a lovesick New Year’s resolution put to song, in which Chantal resolves to have fun, to paint her masterpiece, and to “fall in love for real.” She continues: “January, I’ll learn to fly / February, love’s gonna find me / March, April, May, I’ll get carried away.”
When you wed in June, this song will have served its purpose.

“Green Apples”
According to Commenter Luv2hateu9, “Green Apples” is the “perfect wedding song and a perfect love song…a symbol of a perfect love.” For such a sweet song, however, “Green Apples” had its provenance in the darkest moments of Chantal’s life. In 1994, Chantal broke her jaw and leg from a vehicular accident in Italy. She put her downtime to good use by writing songs, many of which form the basis for her first album, Under These Rocks and Stones, of which “Apples” is a cut.

A true pride of Canada, Chantal Kreviazuk is talent so big that it straddles the music, TV, and movie industries. You could only hope to hear more from her in a TV show or movie in the future.
Expect the Juno-winning musician to continue surviving, continue writing the soundtrack to your love life. All together once more, with feeling: “It feels like hoooooooome to me…”