Get Some Shades for Your Wedding

Get a set of rainbow colored personalized sunglasses. These sunglasses are a great way to entertain/thank your guests for sharing your special day with you. They are wonderful for a sunny outdoor ceremony/reception/setting, for your bridal party, for photo booths, or just for a wedding favor.
They are coated with a water sealer, so won’t leak or fade.
It includes an even number of pair of yellow, orange, red, green, blue, and purple sunglasses, unless it’s an uneven multiple of six.

Can be personalized to say whatever you’d like on both sides. There is a twenty letter max (spaces included).
Examples are:
Name of bride and groom
Bridal Party Titles (Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaid, Groomsman, etc.)
Last name
Date of wedding
Thank you
I can even draw a mustache on one side!
Or whatever fits your personalities!