Asked Me About the Ultimate Bridal Shower

I was really pleased to be asked by to contribute to their Ultimate Guide to Bridal Shower ideas. Both my submissions were accepted and you can see them here.

Healthy Karma #6

A soothing spa environment with calming music in the background is the perfect theme for a bridal shower. A low-lit room with candles will enhance a tranquil and contemplative communion of sisters. You’ll gather to a relaxing yoga practice to calm the nerves and encourage hope for the future. All of this is to create good karma. After the meditation is over, your party is invited to sample appetizers that nourish the body and soul.



A Social Picnic #8

Relive the summer picnics that you used to have with gingham checkered table covers, bright colored candles, balloons, and baskets of bright flowers. Party favors include jams, jellies, and preserves. Invitations are gingham print. For food, think southern styled dishes with at-home crafted alcoholic or carbonated beverages, complemented with ice cream to make floats.