The Ottawa Wedding Show: Food

What food you will serve at your wedding is the subject of great discussion. With so many choices it is difficult to select what is appropriate. Now’s not the time to give up and go for the mundane.

Weddings are often remembered for the food that was served. It is something in which everyone loves to indulge. There are so many choices. Key considerations are; what type of food, how it is served and by where.

The type of food offered at your wedding can reflect on what you love to eat. For example, it can be of a certain ethnic flare such as East Indian or Mexican. It can range from pub food to haute cuisine. Whatever you select it must of course fit into your budget.

Metropolitain Brasserie

Type of Food

The three top food trends are:

  • Small plate appetizers, tapas, hors d’oeuvres – all of which can fit on a small plate that you can carry around.
  • Upscale chicken – don’t go for the regular chicken. How about Lemon Rosemary Brined Roast Chicken for example.
  • Signature desserts can be a nice strong finish to a meal. You could have ice cream floats made from crafted soda.

It is important to consider dietary restrictions for your guests. The two biggest requests are vegetarian and gluten free. Make sure that the quality of these alternative dishes are at the same level as the mainstream dish. For example, it would be inappropriate to serve roast beef and have a pasta primavera as the vegetarian option.

Chocolate-Parfait-with-Colored-Spun-Sugar.-Cropped (1)
Gourmet Cuisine

How it is served

There are three basic ways in which you can have the food served to your guests. Which one you want is based on number of guests, time of day of the reception and atmosphere you desire for your reception.

  • Sit down dinner that has plated and served food. This is a traditional wedding option.
  • Sit down dinner with a buffet for a more casual atmosphere.
  • Cocktail type receptions where food is either at small stations or served by roving wait staff.


Where you have your reception can influence what type of food and how it is served.

An on-location reception such as at home, in a tent or at a community centre is usually handled by a caterer. They can take care of everything. Choice caterers at the Ottawa Wedding Show are Gourmet Cuisine, La Cuisine Volante, and Lindocile Traiteur-Catering

Courtyard Restaurant
Courtyard Restaurant

Restaurants have their own flare and different styles. Metropolitain Brasserie is a pub, Courtyard Restaurant offers contemporary cuisine and Next can be billed as an international upscale. Each have attractive wedding packages from which to choose.

Wedding cakes cap off the evening’s food fare. They are certainly not something to be forgotten in your planning. From what I’ve seen, it is a pretty even split between one tiered cake or a cutting cake plus cupcakes. Be sure to stop by Claude’s Wedding Cakes and Kakes By Judy who offer both options.