The Ottawa Wedding Show: Photography

Your wedding day will seem a like a flash. For months you have planned it. Now you feel that the day went too quickly. There is so much going on that you are in sensory overload. This is why you need a professional photographer to capture the moments of the day – so that you can re-live it for years to come.

In general, we humans are pretty lousy are remembering things. This especially true when you become super busy with lots of sensory information coming your way. This overload makes it seem like time goes by quickly. Your wedding day becomes a hazy memory of salient points.

I’ve seen this happen during ceremonies. I expect that brides and grooms don’t remember a thing a told them in our planning meeting. I guide through what we planned for the marriage. I also encourage their photographer to do what they do best – capture the wedding for the couple to remember.

The nice thing about choosing a photographer is that you can sample their work on-line. You can examine at leisure their photographs to narrow your choices and then meet them to hire the right one for you.

How do you choose the right photographer? It come down to three points: Style, Personality, Price.


You can figure out a photographers style from their website. There are three styles used and any photographer will use all three. When you examine their portfolio you can figure out what is their preferred style.

Traditional where there are many ‘posed’ or set-up shots. Even if it is a cityscape or country – it is a set-up. Some are serious and some are fun.

Nareste Photography
Nareste Photography

Artistic photography is when shots are composed and edited to be a snapshot of life. It can be vintage, dramatic, surreal in feel.

Mark Cooper Photography
Mark Cooper Photography

The last style is photojournalism. The photographer takes pictures as the action happens. They capture impromptu moments that are touching and beautiful.

Kathi Robertson Weddings
Kathi Robertson Weddings

You can click on each of the photographers presenting at the Ottawa Wedding Show to get a preview of their style.


Your photographer will be spending lots of time with you on your big day. It is important that you ‘click’ with them – that your personalities match. It makes for a great wedding when the photographer and you have a common mindset, outlook and plan. You can only get that by meeting them. The Ottawa Wedding Show gives you the opportunity to gauge the personality fit.


It is a simple rule. Younger less established photographers will be less expensive than more experienced ones. Prices can range from $500 to $5000 depending on your budget. Price is also very dependent on how much time they spend with you. A full day shoot versus a two hour coverage will deeply influence your pricing.

In deciding on a photographer for you wedding, it is important to balance all three aspects of style, personality and price.