You Need Your Strength

An important skill no matter what age: strength

Life Horizons

One of the essential health skills as you age is your strength. There are two important types of strength to build; bone strength and muscle strength. Understanding how to build both will keep you moving and active.

Gravity requires us to have sufficient strength to haul our bodies out of bed in the morning. It requires us to use muscles to stay balanced upright as we walk. Gravity also pulls on our bones making them respond to the weight they bare. Therefore to maintain a good healthy lifestyle means that we need to keep our muscles we use daily very strong.


How do you know you are at the right level of strength? You have to be able to get up and down many times a day easily, and do daily activities with out straining or getting sore.

As we age, muscles that used to regenerate quickly have more difficulty.  Sarcopenia is…

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