Pranks Brides Play on Their Grooms

“I have a little something planned for the groom that he doesn’t know about”, smiles the bride when I check in with her moments before the ceremony. She’s planned a prank. Of the close to 1000 weddings I’ve conducted, it seems to be the bride who always plays the prank on the groom.

I check in with the bride before the ceremony. This allows me to see how she feels; nervous, anxious, or calm and ready for anything. It gives me time to review key points on the ceremony such as the entrance, presentation of the bride and any rituals. Checking in also lets the bride know that I am there and not late. It gives her a chance to ask any last minute questions.

Occasionally, a bride will take me aside. “I have a little some planned for the groom. He doesn’t know about it.” I am always slightly apprehensive when I hear this. Unplanned events can be a cause for disaster if not executed or taken properly. I listen patiently and agree to play my part in the prank.

I don’t know why it is that the bride can get organized and creative enough to pull a prank. Grooms have never done that. I find that grooms will surprise their bride with something special at the end of the ceremony. I’ve had grooms present their bride with a 1968 Camero or a re-enactment of her grandfather’s wedding picture. Gestures that show how much they care.

To give you a flavor of what brides do, here are three recent examples.

Will He Kiss The Girl. After I pronounce them husband and wife, I ask them to seal their vows with a kiss. It is the last thing before exiting the ceremony. This bride wanted me to not ask for the kiss. Once I pronounced them married, I backed away. Her entertainer friend donned a fake dreadlock wig and started singing a song from The Little Mermaid “Kiss the Girl”. The groom was stunned. The entertainer got the crowd singing the chorus! When he finished he insisted “Will You Kiss The Girl?” He did to wild applause.

Erica & Richard8

Huddle Consult. During the ceremony, I ask the bride “Is there no legal impediment to your marriage? Do you love and respect him? Do you stand by him whatever may come?” At this point the bride pauses, turns and huddles with her bridesmaids for a consult. The groom is confused saying “What the…?” The girl huddle shouts an agreement. The bride returns with a mischievous grin and calmly says, “I do”.


A Porsche. During the repeat after me vows the bride added one line. I ask her, “Do you promise to buy him the latest model Porsche 911?” The cue given, a radio controlled Porsche makes its way down the aisle and arrives at her feet. She picks it up and gives it to him. With everyone laughing, the groom protests that he wanted a real one.