Wedding Madness: Matrimonial Movies

Our guest post today is from Max Chennault, a retired wedding planner. An avid blogger, he loves to write about all things movies.

The wedding film has been around for almost as long as film itself. There is something about watching couples getting hitched on the big screen that Americans just love. From ‘The Princess Bride’ to ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral,’ there are countless classic wedding movies to choose from. In the past decade, the trend hasn’t let up. If anything, wedding movies are more popular than ever, offering the perfect combination of love, comedy, heartbreak, and happy endings. We look at five of the best, and most successful, wedding movies to come along in recent years.

Wedding Madness

Bride Wars

Weddings bring up a myriad of emotions for people. Little girls often spend their youth daydreaming about their perfect weddings and their perfect grooms. This charming movie depicts two best friends who have already found their grooms but must fight for their dream weddings—especially when they get in each other’s way. They go to battle over their dream venue with one spot open, cause mayhem to dresses and hair, and personify ugly spite amidst the stress of wedding planning and self doubt. With spunky actresses Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, these two brides end up embodying the worst of bridezillas towards one another, their grooms, and everyone else around them. Will true love in friendship win them both over to live happily ever after as new wives and old best friends?

Wedding Crashers

Most wedding movies often begin with two people in love, that love being tested, and finally the two being reunited in a happy matrimonial ending. Well, ‘Wedding Crashers’ isn’t exactly like most wedding movies. The two main characters, played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan, are looking for anything but love. Two divorce mediators, they spend much of their free time crashing weddings for the free food, booze, and, above all else, for the opportunity of easy one night stands. They are not exactly the most admirable characters to grace the big screen. But when they both find themselves falling for the women they tried to seduce, things become complicated. By the end of the movie, these two have learned a little something about the true meaning of love.

Mamma Mia!

With an all-star cast and based on the hit ABBA musical, it is hard not to fall in love with ‘Mamma Mia!’ Set on a beautiful Greek island, this movie is about more than just getting married, it is about learning about one’s past, and finding out there are things about one’s family one would never have imagined. Sophie Sheridan, played by Amanda Seyfriend, is about to get married, but there’s one problem: she doesn’t know who her father is, and she would like to find out before the big day. She posts three invitations to the possible candidates, played by Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard, and Colin Firth, much to the shock of her mother (Meryl Streep). Comedy, dancing, and singing ensue in what has to be one of the most entertaining matrimonial movies of all time.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What is it about Greek culture and weddings that seem to go so hand in hand? ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ is the surprise entry on our list. Despite having never made it to number one at the box office, this film slowly became one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies of all time. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can do so by looking into TVlocal. Toula (Nia Vardalous) is a 30 year old Greek-American working woman trying to balance her desire for an independent life with the more traditional expectations of her Greek family. Soon she finds love in Ian Miller (John Corbett), but because Miller is not Greek, her family opposes the match. After much consternation and comedy, the couple manage to pull off a wedding that shows it is still possible to balance traditional family life with modern expectations.

27 Dresses

This is the everygirl movie for young women who love their friends, love weddings, and yet always seem to be on the sidelines. What are the 27 dresses from the title? They are 27—mostly ghastly—bridesmaid dresses Jane has worn for weddings of her friends and family. She is the perfect bridesmaid. She’s organized, encouraging, prepared, and never says no. So it’s no surprise that her superficial sister Tess asks her to stand beside her for her big day—marrying George, the man Jane secretly loves. Played by Katherine Heigl with quirky grace and vulnerability, Jane is put to the test to discover her true feelings about George, Tess, and her new cynical friend Kevin played by James Marsden. Her story is a familiar one for women who feel cheated out of their daydreams and really wish for down-to-earth true love.

The wedding movie has always provided opportunities for laughs, tears, and love. The movies listed above show that this old genre is still capable of delivering some of the best films today.